Tess Newman - owner of sugarmaid cakesHello, my name is Tess and I am the owner of SugarMaid Cakes.

I started making cakes with my Mother as a child, and my hobby just grew, I faced a pretty constant stream of requests for cakes from friends and family, for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings; even making my own wedding cake.

Now, with only one teenager still at home, I have rekindled my passion and begun to develop my skills to ever greater heights. Once again I have found myself in demand, first from family, then friends and friends of friends, to bake, design and decorate cakes for all kinds of special occasions.

I love trying out new ideas and using new products and techniques to produce exciting new designs. Things have come a long way since my early days of cake decorating, with demand for cakes which are real works of art. I love that, but for me the cake itself must be as good to eat as it is to look at, so I pay huge attention to detail in the baking as well as the decorating of the cake, developing interesting flavours and textures to please the palate.

When you come to me for a cake, I will try to tease out your interests, favourite flowers, hobbies and so on, so that yours will be an individual cake, made specially for you. I make all my decorative elements by hand. I do not buy ready made decorations from the supermarket shelf. This means that I may not be the cheapest option around, but I will make make you a cake like no other, and which will definitely have the WOW! factor.

I love it so much when my customers and their friends say, “Oh wow! Is that really a cake?”

I only take very limited orders so do try to book early.

Call or contact me now and let’s talk cake!